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Inspire by Carrot Sense

Web App Design

Carrot Sense is a digital health and wearable tech company applying technology, clinical expertise, and behavioral science to help people quit smoking.

Inspire by Carrot Sense is a personal coach app to help quit smoking. It tracks smoking habits by measuring nicotine and CO load levels with an innovative wearable mobile-sensor device paired with the app.

carrotsense hero

A wearable device syncs with Inspire to analyze breath samples.

carrotsense sync device

We were aiming to make the interface enjoyable and engaging so users had further motivation to interact with it on a daily basis. While creating a style guide, we decided on the cheerful, geometric sans-serif "Poppins" matched with lively blue and magenta hues.

carrotsense styleguide

The main focus of the design was on the dashboard, which helps users track their nicotine and CO consumption on a daily or weekly basis. It also monitors hourly breath samples and notifies in real time when to record the next reading.

carrotsense dashboard
carrotsense dashboard

The challenge was organizing a large amount of data in clear charts and graphs. We also needed to create a structure for users to control the vast range of options. As a solution, we used clean and minimal UI with special attention given to spacing.

carrotsense ui

The Inspire app was designed with a mobile-first approach, knowing that smartphones would be the most prevalantly used device. We scaled up, adjusting the layout for larger tablet and desktop screens.

carrotsense ui
carrotsense ui

We developed Inspire in a prototyping environment to allow our client to get a real feel for how the app interacted with test groups. This was an important step to help all teams stay on track and fix potential issues in an early stage.

carrotsense ui

It was important for Inspire to feel friendly and relatable for users while moving through the program. We provided them with an option to choose between multiple avatars for their dashboard character.

carrotsense avatars

Thanks to Inspire being a web based app, users have the ability to log in from anywhere, and on any device, to track their progress on a daily basis.

carrotsense mockup tablet
carrotsense mockup watch