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Mala Smierc

Web Design & Development
Graphic Design

Promo materials for 'Mala Smierc', a theatrical adaptation of "Ecume de jours" by Boris Vian.

The director of 'Mala Smierc' asked us to create an identity, website and promo print materials to increase awareness for the highly-anticipated debut. Our goal was to convey a feeling of the production by taking the set design into account. Through the heavy use of black and white, we created a graphic extention of the production itself.

mala smierc branding logo
mala smierc website mobile scroll experience
mala smierc website mobile menu experience
mala smierc website design

Special edition font, flyers, and hand-made posters were created in collaboration with Joana Ryzko.

mala smierc custom font
mala smierc flyer
mala smierc flyer and invitation
mala smierc poster
mala smierc poster in the making
mala smierc poster spray paint