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Branding & Native App Design

Discover the world, one day at a time.

Memundy is the first social media app that follows only on one person per day randomly chosen from around the world. It opens the door to far away cultures and lifestyles, while making new friends and connections. We were responsible for shaping the concept into a complete product – organizing it's features, flow, and style guide. Most importantly, a charismatic brand was needed, including finding the right name for the app.

memundy hero

View the host's video and pictures post in real time. Comment and send personal video messages. Get nominated to become the next host.

memundy mockup

The key was designing a friendly interface that naturally introduced users to their role within the app.

memundy ui

"Memundy" is a play on words: Me and Axis Mundi (latin "center of the world") to capture the idea that for one day, you are the center of attention of thousands of users around the globe. We matched the new name with a fun symbol of a "Hopping M" that represents the daily jumping from one host to another – every time being introduced to a new place, culture and lifestyle.

memundy logo
memundy app icon
memundy ui screens
memundy watch mockup

The target of Memundy is a young iOS crowd, so we wanted to keep the UI clean and modern paying attention to spacing and typography. Rounded shapes and icons contribute to an overall lively social experience.

memundy ui
memundy ui
memundy ui
memundy ui

"Discover the world, one day at a time" became the app's slogan – capturing a feeling of exploration and adventure.

memundy copywriting

To prepare Memundy for release on the Apple App Store, we supplied a landing page website and social media materials.

memundy host
memundy landing page