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What's on the menu?

Our Services

We provide well-crafted solutions for multiple needs. Please have a look at our workflow and services below to learn more.



As the saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. A main focus of our studio is branding and identity. Through research, planning and detailed execution, we create memorable and distinct designs – delivering brand equity and real value for our clients. Through our office of design and marketing professionals, we combine two practices into one, creating a powerful source for uncompromising branding services.

Our Ingredients


Whether it is online or offline, providing a constant and cohesive brand is key. Branding is developed over time, so visual integrity is what really builds the idea in consumer's head and, in turn, creates value. Throughout our process, we make sure that a brand is consistent, providing dynamic designs that reflect the message no matter the medium.

Unique Character

The bottom line is about making your company recognizable, by attaching a unique personality that consumers and clients can relate to. Your visual identity is an important trigger to help customers remember and identify with your brand. Even details like negative space can evoke emotional connections that define the idea of what your brand represents.


Brand strategy is for the long term. Where, what, to whom are important factors to understand when determining your audience. Building on the character of the brand and catering to target customers, we can accurately design a visual identity that will position clients relative to the brand.

What's the recipe?

Step 1

Working closely with our clients, we gain a complete understanding of their needs and goals. We research extensively – including the analysis of competition – and use data with proven marketing techniques to determine the target audience and to develop an effective branding strategy.

Step 2

The design process begins with establishing a visual identity – elements such as logo, color palette, graphic motif all contribute to the brand. We propose our best designs to the client and narrow to which we will develop further.

Step 3

After the final design is approved, we provide the client with a collection of assets ready to use for print and digital, as well as a brand book, which is a set of visual guidelines for the use of the created identity.

Need a side order? We can also provide print management services that takes out all the guesswork when it comes to everything print. See our Other Services section or Contact Us right away.

main course

Web Design & Development

Digital services are the bread and butter of Studio Smacznego. We are captivated by the new opportunities that are being driven by the fast-changing digital landscape. A shift from desktop-only websites to a broad range of devices such as tablets, smartphones and wearables increase the importance of flexibility and adaptability in every project we take on. We also ensure that content and functional aspects are supported by clean and unique design. Please take a look at our Portfolio page to see what we are talking about.

Our Ingredients

User Experience

User experience is an integral part of the design process, from first sketches to the final product. Within seconds, visitors have to understand how to interact with the site in order to feel compelled to stay. They also need to enjoy this interaction to keep their attention. We use various tools to accomplish this for our clients – clean, consistent design, prominent navigation and an accurate, intentional use of color palettes and typography – to name a few.


Every element of your site should load quickly and work properly. Sloppily-coded websites leave visitors discouraged with a poor impression of the brand. We pride ourselves on clean, functional code that provides an enjoyable experience.


Internet users have a wide variety of options when it comes to devices and browsers. It is our responsibility to ensure that the website can be viewed from any of these with consistency and ease. We design responsive layouts with a 'Mobile-First' approach giving special attention to new technologies such as high-density retina displays.

What's the recipe?

Step 1

First, we gain a complete understanding of our clients needs and goals, establishing a relationship with the brand they represent and determining how we can extend that brand into the digital space.

Step 2

In this step, we engage with our client, consulting them on the overall look and design for the user. We design layouts and interactive elements creating prototypes so that the client can begin to have a feeling for how the final product will look.

Step 3

After the final design is approved, we code it so that it is responsive to any device screen, adding custom features furthering the smooth experience of the user and ensuring it is a true extension of the brand throughout.

Need a side order? After your website is completed, how would you like to manage it? If you'd like to update your content on your own, we can provide a CMS for your site or we can manage your updates for you. Check out our Other Services section or Contact Us right away.


Other Services

In addition to branding and web design and development, we offer multiple other services that can help in creating something great for your business. Check out the menu below for what we can do for you.


Application Design

Need to extend your business to provide a native app? We can design a polished application that focusses on user experience and interface design. This pairs well with our web services to keep consistentcy between the two.

Icon Design

Icons are powerful tools that represent a complete idea or destination. Keeping it simple, we can create a custom set of icons for your next project.

Print Management

Even though we are an agency that focuses on digital creations, we still love to have a say when it comes to seeing our designs in person. Leave your print management to us and take out all of the guess-work when it comes to making the digital into the physical.


We provide consulting for brand strategy and digital services to bring fresh thinking to the table and make sure everything goes smoothly and accurately. We also have experience consulting companies looking to enter the US marketplace.

Website Maintenance

Building a great new website is only half the battle. Now it's time to keep it updated and users engaged. We can make new posts, edits, and ensure it's working properly, and fast. We can also implement your website into a CMS for maintaining certain sections on your own with ease.


A great design and smooth coding will only get a website so far. Content is what entices users to stay on a site and explore more. No problem, we can write creative copy that says everything you need to say.

Don't see the service that you need? Reach out to us anyway! It's all about service for us, so please, don't hesitate to Contact Us.